Russian Yakovlev Yak 3-U Oostwold Airshow 2013

This fighter is has with two seats and is equipped with a set of dual controls, so the Yak can be controlled from both seats. Driven by its 14 cylinder, 30 liters 1200HP strong air-cooled engine the Yak has almost Unlimited performance. Aerobatics, dogfights or ‘straight en level’ with speed well over 500 kilometers an hour.

The Yak-3 has a thick coat of hard-wearing wax polish, a powerful VK-107 engine. After prolonged trials in early 1944 the Soviet test centre judged the 107-engined craft to be 60-70 mph faster than either a Bf109G or an Fw190, but the re-engined aircraft was just too late to see action in World War II.